Friday, November 24, 2006


I eat four meals a day.Every day I eat something diferent. I don't eat vegetables and potato purée. I don't eat snacks. I drink a lot of water. I make keep fit.

Siwar C

I eat three meals a day. I eat a lot of salad and vegetables, but not much meat. I hate carrots! I don't eat a lot of snacks but I sometimes have an ice cream or some chocolate. I drink three litres or more a day. Keeping fit is very important for me. I play the football twice a week. I also swim and ride my bike, and I enjoy going out with my friends at the weekend.

keep fit(sara and silvia)

I eat meal in the breakfast.

I eat vegetables, meat and fruit.

I eat heealthy snacks.

4 much day.

I play taekwondo...

1-How many meals do you eat every day?
2-What foot do you often eat?What don't you eat?
3-do you eat heealthy snacks?
4-How much water do you drink a day?
5-What do you do to keep fit?

1-I eat meals for breakfast.
2-I like eating macarronis,I don't eat vegetables.
3-Yes, I do.
4-I drink water every day.
5-I go running and I play basketball.
Tony and Rubén eat three and Xavi eats fourty meals a day, because he is chubby. They eat a lot of salad and meat. They hate fruits!!!! They don't eat a lot of snacks but they sometimes have an ice-cream or some candy. They drnik one or two litres of whisky a day. Keeping fit is very important for Xavi. They play football, tennis and basketball sometimes. Rubén also swimming in his pool and tony plays football on the computer in this bedroom alone.

Belen Jurjo

I eat four meals every day. I often eat rice and spaghetti, but I I hate chick peas..Sometimes I eat snacks like an apple or magdelena cake. I drink two litres of water a day. I keep fit in P.E in school and I like walking.

Friday, November 10, 2006


I'm studying the english.

In my free time I'm playing football.

I want pass with a good marcks.

maria grau

In the school at the moment I'm studying maths.
In my free team I'm plaiyng hockey.
This year I want to study for my exams.

Ruben and Xavi

I'm studying in the school "El Cim". I'm speaking with my friends on the messenger and in the school. I'm playing computer games. I'm listening to dance and techno music. I want to finish a model, one in my house and another one in the school.

I'm studying in the school "Escola Pia". I'm studying for the next week P.E, English and technology. I close myself in my room and studying. I went to study very much.

Silvia and Sara

I am studing geography and science too.

I like listening to music.

I am want wass the exams.


I am studing maths.

At the free time I am listening to music.

I am want very study exams.

Belen Jurjo

In school at the moment I am doing exams of Physics and of Maths. They are difficult.
In my free time I meet with my friends and with my boyfriend. I usually go shopping, go to the cinema and I go to their houses.
This year, I want to do more exercise each week.